Saturday, April 30, 2011

We Must Keep Being A Positive Influence

Often times you reach the crossroad and are forced to make decisions that may negatively impact people. IPRB has spent the better part of a year and a half promoting basketball in Puerto Rico with a specific focus on helping to introduce student athletes to both high school and college coaches. Our stories have been accurate, truthful and most importantly positive.

When we started IPRB our mission was to ensure there was a place where coaches could go to learn about potential recruits. The thing about helping people is that sometimes your intent is misunderstood. Regardless of the threats that people have sent us we cannot and will not lower ourselves to that level. This is basketball and it is suppose to be fun!

We published a blog out last night that informed people that at 9am this morning we were going to break a story that would shake up the basketball community in Puerto Rico. After speaking to people who we respect immensely, we have decided that it is not our place to get involved in the part of the game. Our greatest impact is made by continuing to promote positive images and stories of elite youth prospects in Puerto Rico.

Some of the biggest media outlets have published stories we broke first. So while others try to copy what we are doing, the real professionals recognize the work we have done and the accuracy of what we publish. This is what it is all about!