Friday, May 6, 2011

Dave Telep's Article On The NCAA's Ruling Against On Campus Events

Please see the article written by ESPN's Dave Telep
By Dave Telep, ESPN Recruiting
Just shooting 3s...
1. On campus venues a thing of the past

Recently, the NCAA threw a curveball to camp and tournament directors across the country. The NCAA has a particular interest in changing the face of AAU and traveling team basketball and the latest rule is couched under the premise of reducing recruiting advantages for college programs.

Non-scholastic events -- AAU tournaments and camps -- are no longer allowed to be conducted on college campuses. That means events like the Memorial Day weekend Tournament of Champions in North Carolina, has to find alternate gyms and doesn't have much time to do it. Basically, any event that doesn't have high schools teams during the season, cannot be played on a college campus. The NCAA Legislative Council did this in order to reduce recruiting advantages by host schools. In the case of the TOC, North Carolina, Duke and NC State played host to games. We're hearing the TOC will go on, but it'll be spread out over a smattering of high school gyms and non-college basketball facilities.

The caveat to the rule is camps or events with pre-existing contracts with venues will be allowed to continue. That's why you'll see the NBAPA Top 100 Camp continue on Virginia's campus. It's why the LeBron Skills Academy may be at Cleveland State again this year and so on.

My take: college arenas are great venues. We have a finite amount of gyms across the country of this nature. While I understand the concern for the recruiting advantage, I'd like to see college gyms remain open for use for these events. It's really another way for the NCAA to put the squeeze on AAU basketball. You'll notice the new legislation doesn't bar high school teams from playing in college venues, only non-scholastic (Yes, they mean AAU) teams from participating. This is a shot across the bow aimed at the spring and summer grassroots system.