Monday, May 9, 2011

JJ Barea Is A Killer and The Pick and Roll Is His Weapon Of Choice

Former Miami Tropics and current Puerto Rican National Team PG, JJ Barea has catapulted from a little know back up for the Dallas Mavericks to arguably the hottest PG in the NBA! We are so happy for him! There is not a more humble and deserving person! Being the student of the game that he is he witnessed Chris Paul create all type of match up issues for the Lakers by running the pick and roll to perfection. Barea saw that and with the prolific shooters the Mavs have it was a wrap for the Lakers in 4! Great players learn from others and then take it to the next level. The pick and roll is arguable the most important exchange between two offensive players. Most coaches don't coach it and most players don't have a clue how to defend it. Those of us who used to watch Karl Malone and John Stockon run the pick and roll back in the late 80 and early 90s wonder how many championship Utah would have won if neither Magic or MJ were in the league.

Put Barea with Amare and Melo in New York with the style of play Mike Diantoni runs and Barea could be an All Star! I doubt if Cuban ever allows that to happen but clearly somebody is gonna have to pay JJ a lot of money for his services!

*We received a note from a reader who reminded us how much trouble the Puerto Rico National Team had defending the pick and roll last summer.