Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fontan Confirms Torn ACL

IPRB just got off the phone with Jio Fontan and he confirmed that he has torn his ACL. This was a big surprise to Fontan who felt before his doctor's appointment this afternoon that his injury was not as serious as when the injury first occured.

Fontan who was clearly saddened and disappointed has the following to say,"I'm down right now but I'll be alright. I'm going to work harder than ever! I had worked so hard all year to get to a point where I was playing the best ball of my life ".

The prognosis is anywhere from 6-12 months. Fontan plans to apply for a medical redshirt for this year. He had already applied for an additional year from his time at Fordham in 2009 when he played only five games before transferring from Fordham and sitting out the Spring/Fall Semesters in 2010.

Fontan's mentor and the person responsible for bringing him to Puerto Rico to play for the 19U National Team, Todd Washington said, "Everyone has a different path in life. Jio is a warrior and if anyone can come back from this in an even better space, it is "G". I've been on the phone with him a couple of times today and he is down but not out. He is going to get a second opinion and then he and his family will sit down and decide the best course of action. While nothing is good about tearing an ACL, he has to feel good about going down to Brazil and dominating. He was averaging close to 30 PPG and putting on a show every night He'll be back better than ever!"

Fontan had averaged over 28 PPG while playing against some of the top professional teams in Brazil.