Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jio Fontan Injury Is Not As Bad As Reported

USC point guard Jio Fontan was having a fantastic trip in Brazil. Fontan was averaging close to 30 PPG and showing the Brazilians why many feel that he has a chance to not only play professional ball but could possible be a late second round draft pick. Fontan injured his knee yesterday and some had reported that his injury was career threatening.

IPRB spoke directly to Fontan by phone this afternoon and confirmed that he has yet to get an official diagnosis from a doctor but by his own account it is not as bad as first reported.

"Coach flew me back to LA yesterday and I am on my way to get an MRI done this afternoon. It feels a lot better then it did when I injured it and I am able to put some pressure on it and stand on one leg so it is not as bad as we first thought", said Fontan by telephone.

Fontan played in 2009 for the Puerto Rico 19U National Team with his best friend Michael Rosario. That team finished 6th in the world and Jio led the world in assists while Michael Rosario led the world in scoring.