Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Source Confirms That Ledo Will Not Play This Year

A source close to the Ledo situation confirmed this evening that he has opted to not play for Puerto Rico this year. While this is not a good news for this years' National Team, the source also confirmed that is is highly probable that Ledo would play next year, if in fact, the Federation extended an offer for Ledo to tryout next year.

Ledo and his family have been weighing the option of having him represent Puerto Rico versus the USA since they left Puerto Rico. Ledo, his aunt and his mentor, Todd Quarles spent several days in Puerto Rico last month. Ledo had a chance to reconnect with family and practice with the team while he was here. He and Quarles also spent time with PR Playmakers Founder, Todd Washington

IPRB contacted Todd Washington, who was responsible for introducing Ledo to the Federation. Washington stated,"Ricky and his family are planning to call Jaime Lamboy to discuss their decision. Out of respect for their privacy I am not willing to comment at this time.

When asked when the call to the Federation would take place Washington responded by saying,"As soon as today".