Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Team Barea Goes 0-3 At Global Challenge

After beating the team that has won the Sub 22 Puerto Rico Championship the last three years, Team Barea travelled to Portland to participate in the Nike Global Challenge. The Top 30 High School players in the country, along with teams from Germany, Chinese Taipei, Canada and Puerto Rico participated in this years' event. Team Barea failed to win a game and had several chemistry issues even though they had verteran international players including, Carmelo Betancourt, Rasham Suarez and Wil Martinez Corea.

The disconnect between players born on the island and those whose are of Puerto Rican descent seemed to really create a chemistry issue. Many local born players and coaches seem to have an issue with players and coaches who are of Puerto Rican descent but were not born on the island.

PR Playmakers Founder, Todd Washington who arranged for Team Barea to participate in the event and acted as an Advisor to the Team had the following to say about the teams performance both on and off the court. "It was a wonderful experience for our players and coaches. Our coaches did a great job preparing our players. Rolondo, Xavier and Christian did a wonderful job. Our players simply didn't perform. No excuses, the guys that we needed to show up went MIA. Some of these players are not quite sure if they want to be Daddy Yankee or JJ Barea. Both guys are superstars but you cannot be both. Either you are an entertainer or a basketball player. Some of the guys who went out there were more concerned about what shoes they were getting from Nike and what the uniforms looked like than they were focused on playing basketball. All the mohawks, shaving eyebrows and hair gel is totally played out! None of the other teams were focused on that and even tough almost all of the Canadian players are from other countries in the Caribbean they stay together and played together."

Team Barea lost to USA West, Germany and Chinese Taipea. Wil Martinez Corea was selected to the International All Tournament Team. The team selected one player from each team, with Canada having two players selected.