Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You Have No Idea

Atleast 5 times a day I hear," I'm ready to go to the states. Can you get me a scholarship?" And the first question I ask is, "How good are you, for real?". The answer is always the same. But truth be told, most of the kids who come up to me or call me and ask me to get them a scholarship have no idea. They have no idea how much talent is out there. They have no idea how many young players from every place on the planet are trying to get the same thing they are. They have no idea how hard the next guy is working. They have no idea what it takes. They have no idea of the commitment, sacrifice and desire that is required to put yourself in a position to get someone to pay you to come to their school to play ball. IPRB introduces Frank Ferrari. A Class of 2014 PG from the Bay Area. Frank is not going to Kansas, Kentucky or Syracuse next year. He isn't a high major, top 100 player but he is probably better then you! Take a look and watch him workout and then ask yourself if you are truly ready. Shift Team, Be Elite and Frank Ferrari putting in work!