Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Your Body Language Never Whispers

One of my favorite college basketball commentators is ESPN's Jimmy Dykes. Dykes is my type of guy. His commentary is insightful and on point. He is honest about what he sees and consistently uses his soapbox to teach young players how to do things the right way. Last week Dykes reminded us of the importance of one's body language when he said, "A players' body language never whispers. It always yells." Those of us who were raised a generation ago and had parents who professed to be "ole' school" were constantly reminded about our body language. If I had a dollar for every time my mother told me to "sit up straight" or "wipe that look off your face", I would be a rich man. As a child and even as a teenager I had no idea how important it was to control and project positive body language. We teach players to only focus on those things that they can control. Your attitude, body language and effort are things within your control. For young people, especially those who are elite athletes their ability to control emotions, project confidence through positive body language and compete at the highest level possible sends a message that words cannot convey. Some of the greatest players were not big talkers because they mastered the art of sending messages through body language, energy and effort. It all starts with how you feel. If you feel good, then you look good and if you look good and feel good typically you play well. Remember, positive or negative body language never whispers. It always yells!