Monday, July 18, 2016

All You Need To Know About "Havoc"

For those of us who have studied Shaka Smart's rise in the coaching ranks the word "havoc" always seems to be prevalent when speaking about Coach Smart.  He is a guy who values the importance of branding. Take the use of havoc. It typically is not associated with anything positive yet everything about Coach Smart's style of plays seem to have be incredibly positive. He went from an assistant at University of Akron to the Head Coach at The University of Texas. Quite a run in a short period of time. And at the front of that run is his track record are the letter h-a-v-o-c.

Suffocating full court presses with aggressive defenders flying all over the place is nothing new.  Big John Thompson and his Hoyas ran this system in the early 80s, Rick Pitino and the Wildcats did the same during their run to a National Championship and now Coach Smart has taken the system and branded it as "Havoc". It's organized chaos on the court but don't be fooled. This defensive scheme requires players who have both incredible mental conditioning and mental discipline. If you don't have the right personnel there are more holes in this defense then a slice of cheese.

It will be interesting to see if his team of all stars, the U18 Team USA is capable of running havoc during the FIBA Americas U18 Championship which starts tomorrow in  Valdivia, Chile. It will also be interesting to see if any of Team USA's opponents are able to withstand 4 quarters of havoc Team USA style.

The guys over at SB Nation published a revealing piece that helps breakdown Coach Smart's various defenses. It is truly a tutorial that all coaches should take the time to study.