Friday, December 11, 2009

The Best 12U Player Is?

We asked our readers two weeks ago who they thought the best 12U player is Puerto Rico. The race wasn't even close. Josue Velasquez won over 55% of the vote! Ivan Gandia came in second and Edwin Cancel came in third. We are going to wait for the National Teams to return from Argentina before we address this issue. Lets see how Josue performs under the bright lights in Argentina. We know Edwin shows up no matter where he plays. Ivan Gandia and Jhivvan Jackson are just as good as Edwin and Josue but were not able to carry their teams deep in the playoffs.

IPRB takes the position that all four of this kids are at another level and only time will tell who ends up being a top 50 kid in the USA. Development is a funny thing so a kid who is bigger, stronger and faster at 12 may not at the same level at 16. All four of these kids are big time players and could be suiting up for the PR Playmakers 12U team next spring and summer.