Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gerogetown Coach JT3 Stops By To See Carmelo Betancourt

Georgetown Coach John Thompson III stopped by to see Montrose Christian Class of 2011 PG, Carmelo Betancourt today. This is the second visit by a Georgetown coach and clearly a sign that Georgetown is interested in Betancourt. Our sources tell us that Carmelo showed up big again practicing and playing like the 4 star general he is.

A recruiting inside said," Betancourt is Coach Thompson's type of player. His system is perfect for Carmelo. Betancourt is the type of cerebral player Coach Thompson loves to have running the show. Betancourt reminds me of former GU point guard Jonathan Wallace. Wallace was undersized, not a great athlete but had everything else you want in a player. Remember that Wallace started for 4 years at GU and I'm sure Coach Thompson has visions of Jonathan when watching Carmelo."

Betancourt is planning on taking an unofficial visit to GU as soon as this weekend and may get a chance to play with the team this weekend as well. Sources have told IPRB that St John's coach, Steve Lavin is planning to come see Betancourt next week.