Monday, April 19, 2010

Carmelo @ MSG in Jordan Classic Interview

When we make a promise, we deliver, so below is an interview we conducted with Carmelo Betancourt this afternoon. Everyone at MSG wanted to know who the little guy from Puerto Rico was and by the end of the game, everyone knew that Melo, is next! Several of the top high schools in the NYC area are already reaching out and word is that Todd Washington has gotten over 10 calls since Saturday night about Carmelo.

Question: So you had one heck of a week in NYC, tell us about the experience and what it is like to play in the Jordan Classic?

Melo: I've never seen something so incredible in my life! First, I want to thank Mark Bayne and all the people from Nike and Jordan Brand! They treated me like a king and I will never forget it for the rest of my life! Mark Bayne and the guys from NIke/Jordan Brand are really trying to help kids from PR get on the map! Now people know my name and know I can play! Special thanks again to my friend Mark Bayne and the whole Nike/Jordan Brand Family! I got to play at MSG, I got to play in front of Chris Paul and got to meet Michael Jordan personally! It was crazy man! Plus my family got to come and see me play which was great and I worked so hard for this opportunity. Everything was so cool, they had this VIP lounge with flat screens, games, food, everything!

Q: Talk to us about the talent out there, you played Kevin Pangos form Canada and he is considered to be the next Steve Nash, How was the talent out there?

Melo: Our first practice he scored like 8 points in a row and we saw him at FIBA tournaments so I knew he was good. All the kids the kids from Canada, Spain and Italy were really good. Everyone was very humble and we all got along. I roomed with a player from Brazil and we played against each other during the day and at night we just chilled and tried to understand each other. He didn't speak English or Spanish so it was kind of hard but he was a great guy and it was a lot of fun!

Q: You got your first chance to play in an NBA arena at MSG, What was it like playing in the Garden?

Melo: It was so electrifying! Kobe, MJ and Lebron all talk about MSG and it was such a great honor to play on the same court that all those guy play on! Just being out there and representing Puerto Rico! Hopefully I showed people that I deserved to be there and that I am a serious players! It was the best time in my life!

Q: You showed a little bit of everything including an NBA 3 pointer in the 4th quarter. Everyone in the arena seemed to be cheering for you. Could you hear the crowd and the people cheering for you?

Melo: I could hear and see them! My mom was waving the flag, my dad and my sister were right there too and I could see/hear Todd Washington encouraging me to keep pushing and be aggressive! Plus my club coach was there so it was great to have so much support!

Q: So now you are back in PR and have had a day to think about things, what are you going to do about school next year?

Melo: I want to make the right decision and select the right school which will allow me to play and continue to prove that I can compete at the highest level. I'm going to prep school in the states next year! No question about it!

Q: What are your favorite colleges and have you thought about that?

Melo: My focus is on high school right now, getting a scholarship and then I will think about college. A lot of people came up to my mom and dad and others asking about that but I am just going to do my job and then we will go from there.

Q: What sort of stuff did you get from Jordan Brand, shoes, gear, etc ?

Melo: As soon as I got to the hotel, they gave me a huge duffel bag full of stuff and made a chair with my name on it! It was awesome man, they treated me like a king and now I see what it is like at the elite level! I want to be there! I got shoes, shirts, sweats, everything! They hooked it up big time!

Q: What are plans for this summer and who is helping you with deciding on schools, AAU and you future?

Melo: I have a group of people starting with my mom and dad. I also have my club coach and high school coaches who have been with me forever and now Todd Washington and PRP are part of the family too and we are all working together. It's great to have really good people in my corner led by my mom and dad! They have made so many sacrifices for me to be in this position and now it seems like things are paying off! I worked so hard and knew how important it was so I am glad I did a really good job and hopefully we can get other kids from PR to play in that game next year! I know Todd is working on finding me an AAU team and putting together a schedule of events for me. My dream is to go to the Steve Nash/NIke Camp. I know Todd and Mark are working on that for me so lets see but I know I am going to have a full summer!

Opportunity only strikes once and it is clear that Melo was ready when his chance came!
The thing we really like about Carmelo is that off the court he is as humble as any kid we've seen with the talent he has been blessed with. He represented PR in a way that will allow other kids to have the opportunity in the future and can hopefully be the next great Puerto Rican player named Carmelo from Puerto Rico!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carmelo @ MSG

We've been getting calls all day about how Carmelo did at the Jordan Classic! BANANAS!!!!!!!
WE just got back to PR from NYC and will give everyone an update! The kid put Puerto Rico on his back and represented to the fullest!

More info on Melo at the Garden tomorrow but all we can say is bananas!

Rosario Commits to Florida

Mike Rosario went down to the University of Florida this weekend and decided he didnt needs to see anymore. Mike committed to Coach Donavan and the University of Florida Gators earlier today. Rosario told IPRB,"I'm signing with Florida man, I love it out here. I just feel like this is home for me man and I really respect Coach Donavan. He's a real cool dude and my teammates are really cool to.

Rosario was suppose to meet with Kansas State coach, Frank Martin later this week but decided that any additional consideration was unnecessary.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rosario Gets Conditional Release, Visits Florida Tomorrow

Mike Rosario is a happy man! He got a conditional release from Rutgers yesterday and the phones have started to ring off the hook! IPRB spoke with Mike yesterday and he was on top of the world.
"I am thankful for the way Rutgers handled the situation. They treated me with respect and I appreciate that alot."

Rosario is once again a very popular man as colleges having been calling since his release including the University of Florida where he is set to take his first visit tomorrow. A source close Rosario has told IPRB that " Mike is looking at Florida, USC, Kansas State and Maryland.

Mike is suppose to be leaving to take his first visit to Florida tomorrow at 1pm.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gary Ramirez Brown Class of 2011

We had the pleasure of meeting and seeing Gary Ramirez Brown last week. The kid can play! He has all the tools to play at the next level and will hopefully get a chance to play in prep school next year.

We will be talking to him soon so stay tuned!

Rutgers Filing Tampering Charges

Mike Rosario has yet to get his release and things may begin to get ugly. Sources close to the situation has confirmed that Rutgers is going to file tampering charges against USC. Mike's former teammate and best friend Jio Fontan transferred there this semesters and there has been a lot of speculation that Mike would follow Jio out to USC.

We spoke to someone who is part of Mike's inner circle and from what they told us there is not truth to that. "Mike isn't going to USC, it's not the right place for him. Mike needs to in the gym, focus on getting stronger and developing his game. All this talk about where he is going to kind of funny as Mike and his people are doing everything by the book. He hasn't talked to anybody and isn't going to until he gets his release."

There was speculation that Mike may come to PR and play in the league down here. We spoke to PRP founder and close confidant, TOdd Washington who said, " MIke coming to PR is a total waste of time. Mike needs to sit down with his family and those closest to him and map out a strategy that may or may not include Rutgers. Puerto Rico is something I would strongly oppose!"

All of this could simply be interest hype as Rutgers' Athletic Director supposedly called Mike and let him know that Rutgers will release him.

Stay tuned for more info!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rosario To Get His Release By End Of The Week

IPRB spoke to Mike Rosario this evening and it seems that he is confident that he will get his release from Rutgers by the end of the week. Rosario has yet to confirm where he wants to visit but a source close to Mike advised IPRB that USC, Kentucky, Arizona and Florida are all in play.

This is a big decision for Mike and we hope he lands on his feet running and uses this summer and next year to get in better shape and more focused to take his game to the next level.

Summer League Basketball "Bring Your Game Not Your Name"

Its kind of crazy that we do not have an official summer league in PR. I don't mean a bunch of over the hill cats still trying to show people they can play (I'm def one of those guys). I mean a place where we can see the young talent try to tear it down while the current pros let the young boys know who really runs sh@t. In every basketball city (NYC, LA, DC, Chicago) around the world, summertime is SHOWTIME!

Word is that PRP is working to set up a league with DRD for the summer. "Bring Your Game Not Your Name" will be a collection of between 8-12 teams full of talent from high school, collegiate and pro ranks.
Stay tuned for more information.

Betancourt Gets Ready

We had a chance to see Carmelo workout last week at DRD! We are excited as he has agreed to blog for us while he is in NYC next week. The kid is working his ass off and his knee looks strong. He's super excited about playing @ MSG and has set a goal to try and break the assist record. Puerto Rico is officially in the building!

Rosario Transferring

My man Adam Zagoria reported on this story which is not a surprise to any of us. Mike had a horrible season this year and really hurt his brand after his "world tour" with the PR 19U National Team. We are hearing that Florida, Kansas, Kentucky and Arizona could be in the mix.

See the link the Zagsblog story!