Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rutgers Filing Tampering Charges

Mike Rosario has yet to get his release and things may begin to get ugly. Sources close to the situation has confirmed that Rutgers is going to file tampering charges against USC. Mike's former teammate and best friend Jio Fontan transferred there this semesters and there has been a lot of speculation that Mike would follow Jio out to USC.

We spoke to someone who is part of Mike's inner circle and from what they told us there is not truth to that. "Mike isn't going to USC, it's not the right place for him. Mike needs to in the gym, focus on getting stronger and developing his game. All this talk about where he is going to kind of funny as Mike and his people are doing everything by the book. He hasn't talked to anybody and isn't going to until he gets his release."

There was speculation that Mike may come to PR and play in the league down here. We spoke to PRP founder and close confidant, TOdd Washington who said, " MIke coming to PR is a total waste of time. Mike needs to sit down with his family and those closest to him and map out a strategy that may or may not include Rutgers. Puerto Rico is something I would strongly oppose!"

All of this could simply be interest hype as Rutgers' Athletic Director supposedly called Mike and let him know that Rutgers will release him.

Stay tuned for more info!