Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Angel Garcia Live and Direct

IPRB traveled to Memphis late last year to see Lebron and the Cavs play against the much improved Grizzlies. While in Memphis we had a chance to see Angel Garcia work his ass off rehabbing his torn ACL. After a grueling work out I watched Angel shot NBA 3 pointers like it was a lay up.
Coach Pastner and the entire staff must have been licking their chops as it was clear to me after watching him shot the ball that if he could get healthy and stay healthy that this kid was pro.

We reported last week that Garcia was back and in his most recent game he showed the world why many insiders think he is a lottery pick. Garcia, who is only in his third game back from an ACL tear scored 16 points on seven-of-nine shooting from the field.

Garcia was expected to miss the season due to the torn ACL but made a quicker recovery than expected. We spoke to him tonight in his hotel room in New Orleans. You could tell how happy he was to be back on the court playing the game he loves!

Garcia said," I worked so hard and it was great to see 20,000 fans give me a standing ovation. My whole family called to tell me that I was all over the news and stuff in PR so it feels great."

The staff at Memphis should be applauded for not trying to play Garcia in long spurts. They have been playing him at 3-5 minutes at a time and allowing him to get his legs back and gain confidence.

"my coaches are great guys and have supported me. Im just going out there and trying to help me team win games. It is great to be back out there playing and trying to get back to the level I know I can play at," said Garcia.

We asked him about his plans for this summer and whether or not he will be able to play for the PR National Team. " I really want to come home and play for my country. I have to go to summer school so I not sure of my schedule but I want to play."

If Garcia stays healthy he is someone the coaches of the National Team need to consider. Garcia is a pro with a pro body and only needs to take care of the knee and we should be seeing him on TNT on Thursday nights!

Below are some You Tube highlights from Garcia