Monday, November 30, 2009

Arroyo Free Agency 2010

After playing his best basketball in years while leading Puerto Rico to a birth in the FIBA World Championship next summer Carlos Arroyo is on a short list of possible players the Knicks may try to sign during the "Summer of 2010". While Arroyo's numbers with the Heat are marginal at best he has supposedly done a great job of dispelling the notion that he is a "problem". An executive with the Heat who spoke to IPRB on the condition of anonymity said, " Carlos has done everything we have asked of him. He comes in early, leaves late and really seems focused. We would like to see him be a little more aggressive and look for his shot more but in fairness to Carlos that is not what he was brought here to do."

New York would be the perfect place for Carlos to play given their up and down style of play. Arroyo excels in that environment and could be the perfect PG for the Knicks given his experience, skill level and most importantly price. Said in NBA scout about Arroyo going to New York, "We all understand that international ball is different from our league but those of us who saw Arroyo last summer saw a guy who can still play at a very high level. He and Scola (Argentina) were clearly the two best players."

Players like Kyle Lowry, Carlos Arroyo, Raymond Felton, Luke Ridnour, or Randy Foye could all be possible options for the Knicks at the back up point guard position if in fact they hand the keys to Nate Robinson.

Allen Iverson Meets With 76ers And May Sign By The End Of The Week

IPRB confirmed today that Allen Iveron and his agent met with 76ers Coach Eddie Jordan and other executives from the team in Dallas. The 76ers seem to be the only team in the NBA that is seriously considering signing Iverson. One of the questions which remains unanswered is if AI is willing to come off to come off the bench. TNT basketball analyst and future Hall of Fame forward Charles Barkley basically laid it out last week when he said, " AI has to accept that he is no longer going to be the man. Its not right, it's not fair but he is going to have to accept it or retire." Sources close to the negotiations believe AI will sign with the 76ers before the end of the week. The fact is the team needs a scorer, the fans in "Philly" still love AI and Eddie Jordan, the 76ers coach has experience dealing with high profile, score first point guards, having coached Gilbert Arenas in Washington.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Angel Garica May Play As Soon As January

Angel "Pee Wee" Garcia, a Toa Baja native may suit up for the University of Memphis Tigers as soon as January. IPRB confirmed earlier today that Garcia has been living in the weight room and rehabbing 24/7. "“The knee is coming great. There’s nothing bad I can say about my knee. It doesn’t hurt. It only swells sometimes when I sleep, that’s about it,” said Garcia, in a recent interview with the Garcia was a top recruit out of Chicago but ended up dealing with major delays at the NCAA Clearinghouse. They took almost 6 months to clear him. He has had issues with injuries in the past but has been on the NBA radar since he was a senior in high school. Said an NBA scout who spoke to IPRB this week, "Garcia has all the tools to be a lottery pick but the injuries are preventing him from showing his talents. He's 6'11, can knock down the three, has a high basketball IQ and truly loves the game. He has the ability to put up big numbers and from all the reports out of Memphis his is doing all the right things. Now he must show people he can put it all together for an entire season."

Garcia should be on a short list if he is healthy to play this summer at the FIBA 2010 World Championships. He, Mike Rosario and Deny Clemente are probably the only 'young guns" ready to play at that level. Obviously, Garcia has the talent and if he keeps working out he may just be what the National Team needs to medal. A young, athletic big, who can stretch the defense and knock down threes. Said an FBPUR insider, "He is better at this stage than Ricky Sanchez and the difference is Garcia doesn't mind mixing it up in the paint."

The Little Point Guard From Puerto Rico Is Making Noise

Puerto Rico producing point guards is nothing new. There is a long history of PG's playing college ball with both Clemente (Kansas State) and Fontan (Fordham) holding it down for PR this season. A 5'9 kid from Bayamon name Alex Abreu is making noise at the prep school level and college coaches are taking notice. Alex graduated from BMA last year but wasn't on anyone's radar. Alex and his mother arranged with the help of PR Playmakers for him to play at the famed Bob Gibbons Tounament in North Carolina last spring for NYC power New Heights. He came back from that event feeling like he was better than most of the PG's who are rated in the top 100. "I know I can play with those guys. I just need someone to give me a chance", said Abreu when he returned from North Carolina and the Gibbons Event last spring.

He got his chance two weeks later when he made Puerto Rico's 19U National Team and had a chance to play against Jio Fontan and Mike Rosario (Rutgers) all summer. "You could see his confidence increase day by day. The thing I was really impressed with was his willingness to compete. Jio and Mike are battled tested. They have played under the brightest lights since the 9th grade and both of them have big reputations. A lot of guys fold when they go up against big name players but Alex competed every possession and tried to go at Jio all summer. That really helped him and he learned a lot from watching Jio and Mike", said PR Playmakers' Founder/Senior Advisor to FBPUR President, Todd Washington.

After traveling to both France and New Zealand with the 19U National Team, Alex passed on some of the mid-major offers. He decided to attend post grad program in CJEOTO in New Jersey. CJEOTO has a solid schedule and is providing Alex the platform to showcase his skills. Earlier this month, CJEOTO played against powerhouse prep school South Kent which features New York city guard Russ Smith, who recently committed to Louisville. Abreu torched Smith for 28 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals. "That opened a lot of eyes. I mean nobody had ever heard of Alex Abreu before that game and now major D1 programs are going to want to see if this kid is that good", said an assistant ACC coach. As of last week several Big East and ACC assistants were scheduling trips to see him play. If he keeps going at elite players and putting up numbers like he did against Smith, big time programs may have to take a chance on the little point guard from Puerto Rico.

Inside Puerto Rico Basketball, Lets Go!

November 29. 2009-San Juan

We are finally online! Its been a long time coming and there is so much to talk about. I mean this is Puerto Rico right. 40,000 kids playing locally, over 100 Boricua in the states playing college ball, 20+ pro players overseas and ofcourse Arroyo and Barea. We are going to give it to you from all angles.

Lets start at the youth level. The kids are the future right? Who is giving you info on the nicest clubs, teams, coaches and players? Who is really putting in work? We will give you weekly updates on all of that. We've got to address the youth development movement. Is it local or do clubs need to take their show on the road to develop Puerto Rico's best talent? I'll get both sides of the argument from insiders and then you decide. Team Canada has introduced a youth development model and it showed this summer at the FIBA qualifying event. Playing on 8.5 ft baskets at 10 and 11 years old is hurting the development of our best players. Lets get both sides of the argument and see which really makes sense.

I got my guys, Mike Rosario and Jio Fontan giving us an update on college life and the start of the season. We are going talk about what life is like in college and the sacrifices they made to get where they are. Plus, they are gonna share with us what it was like to carry the 19U team. Lets be clear, they carried that squad all summer, I said it, they didn't, but a lot of really good players from that team simply didn't show up. The lights get bright and both Mike and Jio are built for that.

We are going to check in with the greatest pure jump shooter Puerto Rico has ever produced. Larry Ayuso aka L Boogie aka In your face for 3. He had a great summer, recently got married and is gearing up to play for Aricebo with Bonzi and Fizer. He has a lot on his mind and this could be his last cycle playing with the National Team. Plus if I am lucky, we are going to play a game of h-o-r-s-e. I had a dream the other night and sometimes dreams come true so lets take it to court and see what I can do.

I'm getting close to being 40 years old so out of respect for my peers and to make sure the the young boys know their history we've got to chop it up with Puerto Rico's version of Stockton and Malone. Carter and Mincy may be the best PG/PF combo PR has ever produced. We are going to talk about the state of the game, success at the international level and the overseas movement of elite players from the states. Mincy and Carter live and direct. Lets go!

So there it is. Ayuso, Mincy, True Carter, Rosario, Fontan and a whole lot more. Inside Puerto Rico Basketball is exactly that. We getting that access other guys dream about. This is more than stats and game scores, its about being inside. Get your daily fix of all things basketball in Puerto Rico and a whole lot more.

Hold up, wait. How can we be serious and not provide an update on "the answer". AI is coming back. No question about it. But that is not the story. It really is more then that. Stay tuned for more on AI as the question needs answering.