Monday, November 30, 2009

Allen Iverson Meets With 76ers And May Sign By The End Of The Week

IPRB confirmed today that Allen Iveron and his agent met with 76ers Coach Eddie Jordan and other executives from the team in Dallas. The 76ers seem to be the only team in the NBA that is seriously considering signing Iverson. One of the questions which remains unanswered is if AI is willing to come off to come off the bench. TNT basketball analyst and future Hall of Fame forward Charles Barkley basically laid it out last week when he said, " AI has to accept that he is no longer going to be the man. Its not right, it's not fair but he is going to have to accept it or retire." Sources close to the negotiations believe AI will sign with the 76ers before the end of the week. The fact is the team needs a scorer, the fans in "Philly" still love AI and Eddie Jordan, the 76ers coach has experience dealing with high profile, score first point guards, having coached Gilbert Arenas in Washington.