Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ricardo Ledo Leaves South Kent

Five recruit Ricardo Ledo who is a class of 2012 SG has decided to withdraw from elite prep school South Kent. Rumors are circulating that Ledo will end up at Notre Dame Prep although that has not been confirmed. Many feel that Ledo is good enough as an 11th grader to help the PR National Team.
Ledo gave a verbal commitment at the end of last year to Providence College which is where he is from.

More info on the story as it becomes available.

The Facts: National Letter Of Intent (Basketball)

A lot of readers email us asking for more information about the NCAA and scholarships so decided to start a weekly article called "The Facts". Forget about what you have heard or what you think the case may be, IPRB will provide you with the facts! Today we are focusing on the National Letter of Intent. The recruiting process is a mutli-layered process which includes a college expressing interest then moving to a period of some sort of official contact, possibly a visit either by the coach to the school or the home of the player followed by a visit to the college by the player and then typically the school "offers". Until you have an NLI in front you, the "offer" not official. Recruiting doesn't always involve all of these steps one thing remains consistent in every scholarship and that is the binding agreement which is called The National Letter Of Intent. Basically it's an agreement between the school and student athlete which details the terms of the agreement between the two parties.

So parents, players and coaches can have the facts available to them, we have provided two links below,