Sunday, December 13, 2009


Below are the ranking for the top 25 prep schools

University of Akron Recruiting Alex Abreu

University of Akron, Lebron James' "unofficial college" is taking a serious look at Alex Abreu. Akron's head coach was Lebron's High School coach and the school is one of two schools in country outfitted exclusively by Lebron's Nike apparel line. Akron has also made the NCAA tournament. The school spoke to Alex and his parents last week and sent an assistant coach to watch Alex play. As usual Alex "showed up" scoring 24 points.

IPRB spoke with a member of the Akron staff, who said," Alex fits perfectly into what we are trying to do. He's a great kid, true point guard and can knock down the open three. We think this is the right place for him."

IPRB has also confirmed that University of Nebraska has expressed interest. As long as Alex keeps putting up big numbers against some of the best points guards in nation more schools will want to come and see the "the little PG from PR".

Fontan VIsits Miami

Jio Fontant and his father arrived in Miami yesterday. IPRB confirmed early today that both Jio and his dad are impressed so far with the coaching staff and what they have seen. "Things are going well. They are real professional down here," said Jio's dad.

Since getting his conditional release last week a number of big time programs have reached out to Fordham to get information on Jio's release or reached out to the Fontan family directly.

Including Miami, USC, Indiana, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, UCLA and Alabama have expressed an interest.

Fontan is scheduled to head out to LA to visit USC next weekend.