Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Flopping Please

See the link to a hoops hype article about flopping. The interesting question is whether or not flopping was perfected in the USA or in Europe.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jio Fontan Update

Below is update on Jio Fontan from

Maryland Now Involved With Fontan

Posted on Dec 16, 2009 12:00 am

Maryland is the latest team to express interest in former Fordham point guard Jio Fontan, according to those close to the player.
Todd Washington, an advisor to Fontan, said the Maryland staff reached out about the 6-foot-1 Fontan, who received a conditional release from Fordham that prevents him from playing in the Atlantic 10 or the tri-state area.
Washington said the current list of schools involved with Fontan includes Miami, USC, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Maryland.
He also mentioned Virginia Tech, Alabama and UCLA but said there has been no contact.
Fontan visited Miami last weekend and will hit USC this coming weekend for the Tennesssee-Southern Cal game Saturday.
“The USC and Tennessee visits, along with Miami, should provide a solid baseline for Jio and Jorge [Fontan] to determine if they want to do another visit,” Washington said.
“They are three great schools in great conferences so really Jio is in a no-lose situation. He’s blessed to have so many schools interested in him.”
The Miami visit went very well, according to both Jorge Fontan and Washington.
“Miami raised the bar in terms of honesty, integrity and communication with Coach [Frank] Haith. They clearly did a great job so now the others need to clearly communicate why their school is the right place for Jio,” Washington said.
Washington has heard the questions about whether Fontan can play in a big-time conference, and he has no doubts.
“Jio knows that some people question whether or not he can play at the ACC, SEC or PAC 10 level. But that is part of why he has a chip on his shoulder,” Washington said.
“I watched him in Puerto Rico all summer. A lot of people doubted he could compete against the best 19U players at the World Championships [in New Zealand]. He did more than just hold his own. He was one of the top point guards in the world. The brighter the lights the better he plays.”

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Puerto RIco Gets Great Draw For Opening Round

FIBA held the draw for the 2010 World Championship. Today's draw began the countdown. The 24 participating teams were drawn into four groups of 6 teams each.

Here are draw results for the groups for the First Round:

Group A (Kayseri): Serbia, Argentina, Australia, Jordan, Germany, Angola
Group B (Istanbul): Croatia, Brazil, Tunisia, Slovenia, Iran, USA
Group C (Ankara): China, Turkey, Russia, Puerto Rico, Ivory Coast, Greece
Group D (Izmir): Lithuania, Lebanon, France, Spain, Canada, New Zealand

If PR is healthy they have enough talent to win Group C

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Below are the ranking for the top 25 prep schools

University of Akron Recruiting Alex Abreu

University of Akron, Lebron James' "unofficial college" is taking a serious look at Alex Abreu. Akron's head coach was Lebron's High School coach and the school is one of two schools in country outfitted exclusively by Lebron's Nike apparel line. Akron has also made the NCAA tournament. The school spoke to Alex and his parents last week and sent an assistant coach to watch Alex play. As usual Alex "showed up" scoring 24 points.

IPRB spoke with a member of the Akron staff, who said," Alex fits perfectly into what we are trying to do. He's a great kid, true point guard and can knock down the open three. We think this is the right place for him."

IPRB has also confirmed that University of Nebraska has expressed interest. As long as Alex keeps putting up big numbers against some of the best points guards in nation more schools will want to come and see the "the little PG from PR".

Fontan VIsits Miami

Jio Fontant and his father arrived in Miami yesterday. IPRB confirmed early today that both Jio and his dad are impressed so far with the coaching staff and what they have seen. "Things are going well. They are real professional down here," said Jio's dad.

Since getting his conditional release last week a number of big time programs have reached out to Fordham to get information on Jio's release or reached out to the Fontan family directly.

Including Miami, USC, Indiana, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, UCLA and Alabama have expressed an interest.

Fontan is scheduled to head out to LA to visit USC next weekend.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Raul Sosa Gets HIs Hustle On (Part 1)

Recruiting For Carmelo Betancourt Heating Up

IPRB has learned that that several top prep schools and colleges are interested in Betancourt. A high school basketball recruiting insider confirmed today that, "Everyone has heard about this kid that is the next big thing out of Puerto Rico but only a hand full of schools actually know his name. There is no video on the net, he hasn't done anything on the summer circuit nor has he attended any of the elite shoe company camps, yet everyone is trying to recruit him. Everyone in PR that knows basketball tells me that the kid is as good if not better than Arroyo and Barea were at this age and that is amazing. Those two dudes could ball."

IPRB spoke to Carmelo and his mom today. As soon as he finishes his finals he is going to come and spend some time with us. There is something special about this kid. He clearly has a great support system with his mom and dad in the picture guiding him in the right direction. Its funny, most kids who are as good as he is already know it. When we mentioned to him that some of the biggest programs in the country are interested in him, he seemed not to believe it. As if he really does know the hype that exists or is simply ignoring it. That is so refreshing. That is so unusual. It's MELO!

Remember he is only in the 11th grade. Will he stay in PR and dominate the island next year or will he enroll in one of the top prep programs? Montrose Christian and Montverde Prep two of the top prep programs are very interested. The kid is a major D1 prospect so sky's the limit for him.

We know you've been patient so give a couple more days and we will let you meet the best high school player people in the USA know nothing about.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Best 12U Player Is?

We asked our readers two weeks ago who they thought the best 12U player is Puerto Rico. The race wasn't even close. Josue Velasquez won over 55% of the vote! Ivan Gandia came in second and Edwin Cancel came in third. We are going to wait for the National Teams to return from Argentina before we address this issue. Lets see how Josue performs under the bright lights in Argentina. We know Edwin shows up no matter where he plays. Ivan Gandia and Jhivvan Jackson are just as good as Edwin and Josue but were not able to carry their teams deep in the playoffs.

IPRB takes the position that all four of this kids are at another level and only time will tell who ends up being a top 50 kid in the USA. Development is a funny thing so a kid who is bigger, stronger and faster at 12 may not at the same level at 16. All four of these kids are big time players and could be suiting up for the PR Playmakers 12U team next spring and summer.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back From Vacation

We are back up and running after spending the last several days in Memphis. We got a chance to catch up with Lebron's shooting coach/Cavs assistant Chris Jent. We spent time with the Memphis Tigers and PR standout Angel Garcia. We've got lots to talk about.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Angel Garcia Interview

IPRB got a chance to spend a couple of hours watching Angel Garcia and the University of Memphis Tigers practice. Angel Garcia is a monster! Let me repeat what I said, Angel Garcia is a monster. His knee looks strong and he has developed his upper body.
We asked Angel how soon we would see him in a Memphis uniform. 'I hope to be playing at the end of January. My knee feels strong and I am ready to play, said Garcia.

IPRB watch Garica and Cleveland Cavalier guard Kobe Karl shoot after practice and Garcia looked like the pro. IPRB was blown away at how good Garcia looked and with two NBA coaches watching practice Garcia looked like the most NBA ready player in the gym. The tough part is proving that he is durable enough to withstand the contact at full speed. Garcia spent almost all of practice working with strength and conditioning coaches and only joined the team for shooting drills.

This was our first time seeing Garcia and to be totally honest, he is better than the hype which has surrounded his name for years.
If he is healthy and does what he needs to do on the court he should get a spot on the National Team this summer.

Jio Fontan To Get Release From Fordham

Its official. Jio Fontan has decided to leave Fordham for good. See the article in today's New York Daily News.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet New Yorican Devon Collier

Remember the name Devon Collier. Collier is a 6'8 forward who recently signed with Oregon State. Oregon State Head Coach Craig Robinson (President Obama's bother in law) convinced Collier who was being recruited by a number of Big East schools to go out to the West Coast. Collier is clearly considered the best recruit Robinson has landed at Oregon State and could be an important piece for the program. IPRB rated Collier as one of the top five in New York City in the Class of 2010 and top 100 in the nation.

Collier is half Puerto Rican. He plays for St. Anthonys High School and New Heights NYC elite travel team. Collier has everything you want in an elite high school player and could be a player to the federation needs to keep an eye on.

Get a taste below.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ayuso For Three

Ayuso for three.....we've probably heard that a thousand times but this time looks like 3 years and over a million dollars.
A lot of people wondered what team would win the Larry Ayuso Sweepstakes. With Saturce uncertain about its future word travelled around the island that he was going to Bayamon. That didn't happen but Aricebo is making moves like the Yankee's! Fizer, Bonzi Wells and Ayuso! They could beat the New Jersey Nets with that squad. IPRB has not been able to confirm the terms but credible sources say Ayuso is getting big money. Not only is he a fan favorite Ayuso is still playing at a high level. He had great summer, is always in great shape and seems to be as focused as ever. Aricebo has raised the stakes. Bayamon, its your move now.

Jio Fontan Article In New York Daily News

The New York Daily News article on Jio Fontan confirmed what was reported earlier today by IPRB.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jio Fontan Asks For Release Again!

IPRB has learned that former St. Anthony's standout Jio Fontan has asked Fordham to release him. Sources close to the situation confirmed that Jio's dad, Jorge Fontan, reached out to Fordham's Athletic Director, this afternoon requesting his release. "Jio's career at Fordham is over. His father pulled the plug today and told Jio that he won't let him play there anymore, confirmed a source close the situation. Fontan asked for his release last year but the school declined. Fontan was A-10 Rookie of the year in 2009. He was clearly the best player on Fordham's team.

Fontan started for the Puerto Rico 19U National Team last summer with his former teammate at St. Anthony's and best friend Mike Rosario. Jio was the backbone of that team and played a huge role in the teams success. Many had speculated that if Jio got his release he got to Rutgers. His performance at the World Championship and the fact that he is a really good student and will help him secure another opportunity to continue his collegiate career.

Said a Big East assistant coach, "If Jio gets released there will be a ton of schools interested. Jio is a pure point guard. It is so hard to find pure point guards who are proven performers under pressure. Jio has been getting it done since he was with Hurley (Coach Bob Hurley) at St. Anthonys. This is the first I'm hearing that he has again asked for his release. He's a great kid so I hope things work out for him."

The Carmelo Betancourt Preview, Get Ready To Stand Up and Salute

Every so often a player come along and people start comparing him to some of the greats. You hear all these stories about how good the kid is and that he did this or did that. Well, I think we have an another example of that with Class of 2011 point guard Carmelo Betancourt. We've been getting calls from ACC, SEC, Big East and Pac 10 coaches. Many of them do not even know the kids name yet they all same the same thing. Who is this kid everyone says is the next "Arroyo"?

I saw him play against Rasham Suarez last summer at a National Team practice and the boy has a "bag of tricks". The jumper is wet. His handle is all of that and there was "the swag" you see in all great players. He is on the short side to put it nicely so the question will be asked. Is he really that good of just another little guy with a nice handle and some range on the jumper?

One thing is for certain, when you mention his name people's eyes get wide. We've talked to so many coaches and all of them say the same thing. He is really, really, really good! What is funny is when you ask most of the players who he has competed against most of them will tell you that is is "not as good as people think". I feel the hate! I see the jealousy in in their eyes.

We like hype, we hate "beef". There is no place in basketball for "beef" and my man Rasham Suarez ended any questions of "beef" between he and Melo in the piece we did on him yesterday. Shout out to Rasham for being so mature and really understanding that competition is great but respect is even more important. There are a lot of kids being taught to hate by coaches who are simply jealous. Cut that nonsense out! We are all one family and need stand up and salute when we see a player who has that special something.

Jay Z started it! KG does it! Bron Bron does it! So does D Wade! Stand up and salute!

The Best AAU Team of 2009

I meet kids everyday who think they are better than they really are. I meet coaches who tell me all the time that their team can compete. I served a humble pie earlier so now we are going to give you a dose of reality.

If you are planning on taking a high school age AAU team to play next summer please make sure you show your kids watch this video. It gonna be a cold summer!

See the link below. Once you are finished stand up and salute!

Meet Rodney Purvis

Rodney is in the 9th grade. So all you kids who think you got burn, think again. Here's a little taste of humble pie. Coming to a tournament near you. Welcome to Rodney's World.

Meet Austin Rivers

Austin is one of the top 10 players in the country and he is only a junior. See the link below. Cold Vicious!

Raymond Cintron And The Good Ole Boys In Mississippi

A lot of readers want to know if Raymond Cintron is really in Mississippi. The answer is yes and we have video to prove it. Cintron signed a letter of intent with University of New Orleans last summer but needed to spend the year at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. As they say down south, "the boy is cold vicious". I'm not sure who is a better shooter. Cintron or Sosa, Sosa or Cintron. The fact is both those dudes can flat out shoot the rock! We are talking to Cintron tomorrow so he can share with all of us what life is like in Mississippi.

Just in case you forgot, below is video of Raymond's jumper. Agua babe Agua!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rasham Suarez Is Focused

Rasham Suarez is considered to be one of the top 2 point guards from PR in the Class of 2011. He left PR two and a half years ago for Iowa, where he put in work as a freshman. He left Iowa last year for powerhouse Findlay Prep (Nevada) where he won a National Championship and played against some of the best players in the country. Suarez decided to transfer again and it looks like it was a smart move. Now in Atlanta, Ga at Jonesboro High School, Suarez had his debut tonight. We spoke to Suarez after the game and he was amped. We've been tracking this kid since he was 13 years old and playing at the YMCA. The kid was a gym rat then and not much has changed except for the fact that he is 6'3 and 185!

IPRB: You had your first game tonight. How did you do?

RS: I played great! 21 points, 11 assists and 6 rebounds

IPRB:That's big man, congrats.

RS: Thanks

IPRB: You got a chance to play with some really good players last year. The kid Avery Bradley (Texas) is a beast. What did you learn practicing and playing with him?

RS: I learned so much. He works so hard. I really got a chance to see how hard you have to work to be good. He taught me the importance of working on my game after practice. I learned how to guard guys and how to play defense. It was a great experience for me. I had a great year out there.

IPRB: You decided to leave Findlay. Why?

RS: I had an opportunity to come to Atlanta. Its a great school, I'm with good people so its a perfect place for me. Findlay is a great school but I needed to be in a place where I am the #1 guy. There are so many great players at Findlay that I was concerned that I may not get as much playing time so I left.

IPRB: I think a lot of kids would have stayed and maybe not played. I think you made the right decision.

RS: I do too

IPRB:A lot of kids leave PR to go to the states and then come back. You could be a super star here and then go to the states and just be average. Why did you decide to stay?

RS: I have my goals. My dad and I have worked so hard to get me to where I have a chance to go to college and get a degree. My goal is to get a degree and play ball. So I have to stay. I will never quit as I have a goal.

IPRB: Talk for a minute about that. You are a Junior so this is an important year. What schools have expressed an interest?

RS: A lot of schools are interested. Alabama, Tennessee, Florida State, Richmond, Fordham, Iowa State, South Dakota. A lot of schools.

IPRB: What do you think you need to work on in order to play at that level. You named some SEC and an ACC school. That is big time ball.

RS: I've got to let the game come to me. Not force things. I know I can play anywhere. It is just me getting focused. My dad tells me all the time to that I need to work harder. In the states they play a more up tempo game. I've been working on my feet and trying to get quicker and stronger.

IPRB: There is a lot of talk on the street about you and the kid Carmelo. You guys went at it last summer at DRD during a practice. The gym was packed and it looked like you guys were going to fight. What do you think about him?

RS: He's a great player and great person. Off the court we are cool. We are friends but when we get on the court I am going to go at him and he is going to go at me. I respect his game as he is a great shooter and passer.

IPRB: So all that stuff is talk. You and he are cool?

RS: Yes, we are cool and I like him. We are friends.

IPRB: Last summer you practiced with the 16U team but didn't play. Are you going to play for them this year?

RS: I have to see what my summer is going to be like. I want to practice and play with them. I will have to see what happens.

IPRB: A lot of kids read this blog so if you could tell them one thing they should be working on what would it be?

RS: I would tell them to work on learning how to play defense. When I came to the states I was a great offensive player but I had no idea how to play defense. We play a lot of man to man defense here and in PR all we play is zone. That hurt my game and I had to spend a lot of time learning to play defense. Defense wins championships.

IPRB: We are really proud of you man. Keep doing what you are doing and we will catch up soon.

RS: Thanks, ok.

UCF Guard Isaac Sosa Is Getting It Done

Isaac Sosa may have had the best start off all the players from last summers 19U National Team. The UCF shooting guard has been on fire. The sophomore from Guaynabo was named Conference USA player of the week after a career high of 26 points, going 6-7 from behind the arc. Sosa had a very solid summer and proved why many think he is one of the best pure shooters PR has produced in the last couple of years. Sosa worked hard and developed his "dribble, drive game" which is forcing defenders to respect his ability to get to the rim. Central Florida also has another player who has Puerto Rican heritage. Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan's son is a Freshman at UCF. His mother Juanita is from Farjardo.

Class of 2011: Carmelo Betancourt And Rasham Suarez

A lot of people have been asking who is truly the best PG in the class of 2011. Most think it is clearly Carmelo but IPRB has gotten a lot of calls in favor of Rasham. Both of these guys are major D1 material. We think both of them are future National Team players so lets be clear, we are not choosing sides. We are however going to let public decide who is the best. In order to get more info on both, IPRB is going to chop it up with Carmelo and Rasham later today. We are going to talk about recruiting, college, playing for the National Team, and a whole lot more.

You know we like to create hype and our readers are telling us they want more stuff about the high school kids. So stay tuned.
Carmelo Betancourt and Rasham Suarez. 2 great kids who also happen to be pretty darn good!

Kansas State's Colon Arrested

Luis Colon was arrested last week for failing to appear in court. Colon had failed to pay traffic violations. This is has been a tough year for Colon who has yet to suit up for Kansas State. Coach Frank Martin confirmed, " Luis competition status is unchanged". Colon has tremendous ability but has failed to get control of off the court issues. He is another young player who has the ability to help the National Team. His off the court issues may prevent Federation bosses from feeling comfortable enough to give him a shot at playing next summer.

Carlos Lopez May Redshirt This Year

UNLV Freshman, Carlos "Yao" Lopez may take a year to get accustomed to the rigors of Division 1 basketball. IPRB learned last week that Lopez has had some difficulty adjusting to the contact and physical play. Lopez is as talented a "big" as there is but his lack of strength and post game may hinder his ability to help UNLV this year. “I think Carlos is doing fine,” UNLV Head Coach Kruger said. “Obviously, he needs strength and he needs weight. That will happen. He has a great feel for it. He’s doing fine. We’re excited about what he’s doing (Las Vegas Sun).

Lopez had a tough summer while representing Puerto Rico on the 19U Team. He got sick in France and lost 10 pounds while playing in a tune up event and struggled at the World Championship in New Zealand. Lopez was the missing piece that Puerto Rico needed to advance into the Semifinals . Puerto Rico struggled at times, having to survive off of shooting three pointers, versus establishing a low post game.

Taking a red shirt year in many cases may be the difference between success and failure as it relates to student athletes adjusting to life in college. The pressure to perform both on and off the court can be overwhelming for many and taking the "on the court" pressure out of the equation allows student athletes to focus on school.

In Lopez's case, he has a language barrier given he didn't speak English three years ago. The NCAA requires a full time student to take a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Lopez could practice with the team and use the extra time to focus on keeping up academically.

The Street Stops Here Featuring Mike Rosario and Jio Fontan

The Street Stops Here is a documentary about one of the most successful high school basketball programs and the struggle the school is having keeps its doors open. St. Anthony's in Jersey City, New Jersey is one of the few schools of its kind still operating in urban America. Its has a rich history of helping young men who exhibit prodigious talent on the basketball court reach their potential. Legendary coach, Bob Hurley Sr, has been the Head Basketball Coach for over 30 years. With over 900 wins and 25 state titles over 95% of the players who graduate from St. Anthony's go on to play in college. Leave aside all the championships and state titles he has won Coach Hurley saves lifes. St. Athony's is located in one of the most dangerous parts of New Jersey and most of the kids are from that area. His players select getting an education and playing basketball over "the block". To keep his players in school and out of trouble Coach Hurley ends up being more than just a coach. He is a dad, uncle, advisor and big brother.

The Street Stops Here follows the 2007-2008 team that went 32-0, won the mythical high school national championship and sent six players to Division 1 colleges. The movie features two of the starters from 2009 Puerto Rico 19U National Team, Mike Rosaio and Jio Fontan.

If your kids play basketball or you are a fan of the game check out the official site and trailer. The documentary will be released in 2010.



Monday, November 30, 2009

Arroyo Free Agency 2010

After playing his best basketball in years while leading Puerto Rico to a birth in the FIBA World Championship next summer Carlos Arroyo is on a short list of possible players the Knicks may try to sign during the "Summer of 2010". While Arroyo's numbers with the Heat are marginal at best he has supposedly done a great job of dispelling the notion that he is a "problem". An executive with the Heat who spoke to IPRB on the condition of anonymity said, " Carlos has done everything we have asked of him. He comes in early, leaves late and really seems focused. We would like to see him be a little more aggressive and look for his shot more but in fairness to Carlos that is not what he was brought here to do."

New York would be the perfect place for Carlos to play given their up and down style of play. Arroyo excels in that environment and could be the perfect PG for the Knicks given his experience, skill level and most importantly price. Said in NBA scout about Arroyo going to New York, "We all understand that international ball is different from our league but those of us who saw Arroyo last summer saw a guy who can still play at a very high level. He and Scola (Argentina) were clearly the two best players."

Players like Kyle Lowry, Carlos Arroyo, Raymond Felton, Luke Ridnour, or Randy Foye could all be possible options for the Knicks at the back up point guard position if in fact they hand the keys to Nate Robinson.

Allen Iverson Meets With 76ers And May Sign By The End Of The Week

IPRB confirmed today that Allen Iveron and his agent met with 76ers Coach Eddie Jordan and other executives from the team in Dallas. The 76ers seem to be the only team in the NBA that is seriously considering signing Iverson. One of the questions which remains unanswered is if AI is willing to come off to come off the bench. TNT basketball analyst and future Hall of Fame forward Charles Barkley basically laid it out last week when he said, " AI has to accept that he is no longer going to be the man. Its not right, it's not fair but he is going to have to accept it or retire." Sources close to the negotiations believe AI will sign with the 76ers before the end of the week. The fact is the team needs a scorer, the fans in "Philly" still love AI and Eddie Jordan, the 76ers coach has experience dealing with high profile, score first point guards, having coached Gilbert Arenas in Washington.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Angel Garica May Play As Soon As January

Angel "Pee Wee" Garcia, a Toa Baja native may suit up for the University of Memphis Tigers as soon as January. IPRB confirmed earlier today that Garcia has been living in the weight room and rehabbing 24/7. "“The knee is coming great. There’s nothing bad I can say about my knee. It doesn’t hurt. It only swells sometimes when I sleep, that’s about it,” said Garcia, in a recent interview with the Garcia was a top recruit out of Chicago but ended up dealing with major delays at the NCAA Clearinghouse. They took almost 6 months to clear him. He has had issues with injuries in the past but has been on the NBA radar since he was a senior in high school. Said an NBA scout who spoke to IPRB this week, "Garcia has all the tools to be a lottery pick but the injuries are preventing him from showing his talents. He's 6'11, can knock down the three, has a high basketball IQ and truly loves the game. He has the ability to put up big numbers and from all the reports out of Memphis his is doing all the right things. Now he must show people he can put it all together for an entire season."

Garcia should be on a short list if he is healthy to play this summer at the FIBA 2010 World Championships. He, Mike Rosario and Deny Clemente are probably the only 'young guns" ready to play at that level. Obviously, Garcia has the talent and if he keeps working out he may just be what the National Team needs to medal. A young, athletic big, who can stretch the defense and knock down threes. Said an FBPUR insider, "He is better at this stage than Ricky Sanchez and the difference is Garcia doesn't mind mixing it up in the paint."

The Little Point Guard From Puerto Rico Is Making Noise

Puerto Rico producing point guards is nothing new. There is a long history of PG's playing college ball with both Clemente (Kansas State) and Fontan (Fordham) holding it down for PR this season. A 5'9 kid from Bayamon name Alex Abreu is making noise at the prep school level and college coaches are taking notice. Alex graduated from BMA last year but wasn't on anyone's radar. Alex and his mother arranged with the help of PR Playmakers for him to play at the famed Bob Gibbons Tounament in North Carolina last spring for NYC power New Heights. He came back from that event feeling like he was better than most of the PG's who are rated in the top 100. "I know I can play with those guys. I just need someone to give me a chance", said Abreu when he returned from North Carolina and the Gibbons Event last spring.

He got his chance two weeks later when he made Puerto Rico's 19U National Team and had a chance to play against Jio Fontan and Mike Rosario (Rutgers) all summer. "You could see his confidence increase day by day. The thing I was really impressed with was his willingness to compete. Jio and Mike are battled tested. They have played under the brightest lights since the 9th grade and both of them have big reputations. A lot of guys fold when they go up against big name players but Alex competed every possession and tried to go at Jio all summer. That really helped him and he learned a lot from watching Jio and Mike", said PR Playmakers' Founder/Senior Advisor to FBPUR President, Todd Washington.

After traveling to both France and New Zealand with the 19U National Team, Alex passed on some of the mid-major offers. He decided to attend post grad program in CJEOTO in New Jersey. CJEOTO has a solid schedule and is providing Alex the platform to showcase his skills. Earlier this month, CJEOTO played against powerhouse prep school South Kent which features New York city guard Russ Smith, who recently committed to Louisville. Abreu torched Smith for 28 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals. "That opened a lot of eyes. I mean nobody had ever heard of Alex Abreu before that game and now major D1 programs are going to want to see if this kid is that good", said an assistant ACC coach. As of last week several Big East and ACC assistants were scheduling trips to see him play. If he keeps going at elite players and putting up numbers like he did against Smith, big time programs may have to take a chance on the little point guard from Puerto Rico.

Inside Puerto Rico Basketball, Lets Go!

November 29. 2009-San Juan

We are finally online! Its been a long time coming and there is so much to talk about. I mean this is Puerto Rico right. 40,000 kids playing locally, over 100 Boricua in the states playing college ball, 20+ pro players overseas and ofcourse Arroyo and Barea. We are going to give it to you from all angles.

Lets start at the youth level. The kids are the future right? Who is giving you info on the nicest clubs, teams, coaches and players? Who is really putting in work? We will give you weekly updates on all of that. We've got to address the youth development movement. Is it local or do clubs need to take their show on the road to develop Puerto Rico's best talent? I'll get both sides of the argument from insiders and then you decide. Team Canada has introduced a youth development model and it showed this summer at the FIBA qualifying event. Playing on 8.5 ft baskets at 10 and 11 years old is hurting the development of our best players. Lets get both sides of the argument and see which really makes sense.

I got my guys, Mike Rosario and Jio Fontan giving us an update on college life and the start of the season. We are going talk about what life is like in college and the sacrifices they made to get where they are. Plus, they are gonna share with us what it was like to carry the 19U team. Lets be clear, they carried that squad all summer, I said it, they didn't, but a lot of really good players from that team simply didn't show up. The lights get bright and both Mike and Jio are built for that.

We are going to check in with the greatest pure jump shooter Puerto Rico has ever produced. Larry Ayuso aka L Boogie aka In your face for 3. He had a great summer, recently got married and is gearing up to play for Aricebo with Bonzi and Fizer. He has a lot on his mind and this could be his last cycle playing with the National Team. Plus if I am lucky, we are going to play a game of h-o-r-s-e. I had a dream the other night and sometimes dreams come true so lets take it to court and see what I can do.

I'm getting close to being 40 years old so out of respect for my peers and to make sure the the young boys know their history we've got to chop it up with Puerto Rico's version of Stockton and Malone. Carter and Mincy may be the best PG/PF combo PR has ever produced. We are going to talk about the state of the game, success at the international level and the overseas movement of elite players from the states. Mincy and Carter live and direct. Lets go!

So there it is. Ayuso, Mincy, True Carter, Rosario, Fontan and a whole lot more. Inside Puerto Rico Basketball is exactly that. We getting that access other guys dream about. This is more than stats and game scores, its about being inside. Get your daily fix of all things basketball in Puerto Rico and a whole lot more.

Hold up, wait. How can we be serious and not provide an update on "the answer". AI is coming back. No question about it. But that is not the story. It really is more then that. Stay tuned for more on AI as the question needs answering.