Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rasham Suarez Is Focused

Rasham Suarez is considered to be one of the top 2 point guards from PR in the Class of 2011. He left PR two and a half years ago for Iowa, where he put in work as a freshman. He left Iowa last year for powerhouse Findlay Prep (Nevada) where he won a National Championship and played against some of the best players in the country. Suarez decided to transfer again and it looks like it was a smart move. Now in Atlanta, Ga at Jonesboro High School, Suarez had his debut tonight. We spoke to Suarez after the game and he was amped. We've been tracking this kid since he was 13 years old and playing at the YMCA. The kid was a gym rat then and not much has changed except for the fact that he is 6'3 and 185!

IPRB: You had your first game tonight. How did you do?

RS: I played great! 21 points, 11 assists and 6 rebounds

IPRB:That's big man, congrats.

RS: Thanks

IPRB: You got a chance to play with some really good players last year. The kid Avery Bradley (Texas) is a beast. What did you learn practicing and playing with him?

RS: I learned so much. He works so hard. I really got a chance to see how hard you have to work to be good. He taught me the importance of working on my game after practice. I learned how to guard guys and how to play defense. It was a great experience for me. I had a great year out there.

IPRB: You decided to leave Findlay. Why?

RS: I had an opportunity to come to Atlanta. Its a great school, I'm with good people so its a perfect place for me. Findlay is a great school but I needed to be in a place where I am the #1 guy. There are so many great players at Findlay that I was concerned that I may not get as much playing time so I left.

IPRB: I think a lot of kids would have stayed and maybe not played. I think you made the right decision.

RS: I do too

IPRB:A lot of kids leave PR to go to the states and then come back. You could be a super star here and then go to the states and just be average. Why did you decide to stay?

RS: I have my goals. My dad and I have worked so hard to get me to where I have a chance to go to college and get a degree. My goal is to get a degree and play ball. So I have to stay. I will never quit as I have a goal.

IPRB: Talk for a minute about that. You are a Junior so this is an important year. What schools have expressed an interest?

RS: A lot of schools are interested. Alabama, Tennessee, Florida State, Richmond, Fordham, Iowa State, South Dakota. A lot of schools.

IPRB: What do you think you need to work on in order to play at that level. You named some SEC and an ACC school. That is big time ball.

RS: I've got to let the game come to me. Not force things. I know I can play anywhere. It is just me getting focused. My dad tells me all the time to that I need to work harder. In the states they play a more up tempo game. I've been working on my feet and trying to get quicker and stronger.

IPRB: There is a lot of talk on the street about you and the kid Carmelo. You guys went at it last summer at DRD during a practice. The gym was packed and it looked like you guys were going to fight. What do you think about him?

RS: He's a great player and great person. Off the court we are cool. We are friends but when we get on the court I am going to go at him and he is going to go at me. I respect his game as he is a great shooter and passer.

IPRB: So all that stuff is talk. You and he are cool?

RS: Yes, we are cool and I like him. We are friends.

IPRB: Last summer you practiced with the 16U team but didn't play. Are you going to play for them this year?

RS: I have to see what my summer is going to be like. I want to practice and play with them. I will have to see what happens.

IPRB: A lot of kids read this blog so if you could tell them one thing they should be working on what would it be?

RS: I would tell them to work on learning how to play defense. When I came to the states I was a great offensive player but I had no idea how to play defense. We play a lot of man to man defense here and in PR all we play is zone. That hurt my game and I had to spend a lot of time learning to play defense. Defense wins championships.

IPRB: We are really proud of you man. Keep doing what you are doing and we will catch up soon.

RS: Thanks, ok.