Sunday, April 18, 2010

Carmelo @ MSG

We've been getting calls all day about how Carmelo did at the Jordan Classic! BANANAS!!!!!!!
WE just got back to PR from NYC and will give everyone an update! The kid put Puerto Rico on his back and represented to the fullest!

More info on Melo at the Garden tomorrow but all we can say is bananas!

Rosario Commits to Florida

Mike Rosario went down to the University of Florida this weekend and decided he didnt needs to see anymore. Mike committed to Coach Donavan and the University of Florida Gators earlier today. Rosario told IPRB,"I'm signing with Florida man, I love it out here. I just feel like this is home for me man and I really respect Coach Donavan. He's a real cool dude and my teammates are really cool to.

Rosario was suppose to meet with Kansas State coach, Frank Martin later this week but decided that any additional consideration was unnecessary.