Saturday, December 12, 2009

Recruiting For Carmelo Betancourt Heating Up

IPRB has learned that that several top prep schools and colleges are interested in Betancourt. A high school basketball recruiting insider confirmed today that, "Everyone has heard about this kid that is the next big thing out of Puerto Rico but only a hand full of schools actually know his name. There is no video on the net, he hasn't done anything on the summer circuit nor has he attended any of the elite shoe company camps, yet everyone is trying to recruit him. Everyone in PR that knows basketball tells me that the kid is as good if not better than Arroyo and Barea were at this age and that is amazing. Those two dudes could ball."

IPRB spoke to Carmelo and his mom today. As soon as he finishes his finals he is going to come and spend some time with us. There is something special about this kid. He clearly has a great support system with his mom and dad in the picture guiding him in the right direction. Its funny, most kids who are as good as he is already know it. When we mentioned to him that some of the biggest programs in the country are interested in him, he seemed not to believe it. As if he really does know the hype that exists or is simply ignoring it. That is so refreshing. That is so unusual. It's MELO!

Remember he is only in the 11th grade. Will he stay in PR and dominate the island next year or will he enroll in one of the top prep programs? Montrose Christian and Montverde Prep two of the top prep programs are very interested. The kid is a major D1 prospect so sky's the limit for him.

We know you've been patient so give a couple more days and we will let you meet the best high school player people in the USA know nothing about.