Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ayuso For Three

Ayuso for three.....we've probably heard that a thousand times but this time looks like 3 years and over a million dollars.
A lot of people wondered what team would win the Larry Ayuso Sweepstakes. With Saturce uncertain about its future word travelled around the island that he was going to Bayamon. That didn't happen but Aricebo is making moves like the Yankee's! Fizer, Bonzi Wells and Ayuso! They could beat the New Jersey Nets with that squad. IPRB has not been able to confirm the terms but credible sources say Ayuso is getting big money. Not only is he a fan favorite Ayuso is still playing at a high level. He had great summer, is always in great shape and seems to be as focused as ever. Aricebo has raised the stakes. Bayamon, its your move now.