Monday, December 7, 2009

Angel Garcia Interview

IPRB got a chance to spend a couple of hours watching Angel Garcia and the University of Memphis Tigers practice. Angel Garcia is a monster! Let me repeat what I said, Angel Garcia is a monster. His knee looks strong and he has developed his upper body.
We asked Angel how soon we would see him in a Memphis uniform. 'I hope to be playing at the end of January. My knee feels strong and I am ready to play, said Garcia.

IPRB watch Garica and Cleveland Cavalier guard Kobe Karl shoot after practice and Garcia looked like the pro. IPRB was blown away at how good Garcia looked and with two NBA coaches watching practice Garcia looked like the most NBA ready player in the gym. The tough part is proving that he is durable enough to withstand the contact at full speed. Garcia spent almost all of practice working with strength and conditioning coaches and only joined the team for shooting drills.

This was our first time seeing Garcia and to be totally honest, he is better than the hype which has surrounded his name for years.
If he is healthy and does what he needs to do on the court he should get a spot on the National Team this summer.