Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Carmelo Betancourt Preview, Get Ready To Stand Up and Salute

Every so often a player come along and people start comparing him to some of the greats. You hear all these stories about how good the kid is and that he did this or did that. Well, I think we have an another example of that with Class of 2011 point guard Carmelo Betancourt. We've been getting calls from ACC, SEC, Big East and Pac 10 coaches. Many of them do not even know the kids name yet they all same the same thing. Who is this kid everyone says is the next "Arroyo"?

I saw him play against Rasham Suarez last summer at a National Team practice and the boy has a "bag of tricks". The jumper is wet. His handle is all of that and there was "the swag" you see in all great players. He is on the short side to put it nicely so the question will be asked. Is he really that good of just another little guy with a nice handle and some range on the jumper?

One thing is for certain, when you mention his name people's eyes get wide. We've talked to so many coaches and all of them say the same thing. He is really, really, really good! What is funny is when you ask most of the players who he has competed against most of them will tell you that is is "not as good as people think". I feel the hate! I see the jealousy in in their eyes.

We like hype, we hate "beef". There is no place in basketball for "beef" and my man Rasham Suarez ended any questions of "beef" between he and Melo in the piece we did on him yesterday. Shout out to Rasham for being so mature and really understanding that competition is great but respect is even more important. There are a lot of kids being taught to hate by coaches who are simply jealous. Cut that nonsense out! We are all one family and need stand up and salute when we see a player who has that special something.

Jay Z started it! KG does it! Bron Bron does it! So does D Wade! Stand up and salute!