Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anglero, Betancourt and Browne To Play In Primetime Shootout

Three of Puerto Rico's top prep players will travel to play in one of the biggest high school events of the year in late January with each of them playing on different teams. The 2011 Prime Time Shootout in Morgantown, West Virginia is widely considered to be one of the top events of the year attracting several top programs including St. Benedicts (NJ), Montrose Christian (MD) and Arlington Country Day (FL). All three of these school are nationally ranked in the top 25.

Said a talent evaulator for a top recruiting service, "Events like this can catapult a player from the relative unknown to a Top 100 ranking. With December schedules being a little soft, this event will be the first true test under the brightest of lights for Anglero, Betancourt and Browne. Since all three of these guys are seniors it's really important for them to show up and prove that they play at this level. A lot of questions are out there about Betancourt and Browne in terms of playing on the next level at a top 20 program. They both will have a chance to silence those who don't think either can play at that level."

PR Playmakers Founder Todd Washington, who placed Anglero, Browne and Betancourt at the three respective schools has a different take. "Melo and Gary are high major kids with huge upside. Neither are program changers but kids who are battle tested and can play with anyone in the country. And Anglero is a steal for a mid major program. He's tough as nails and nobody will work harder. All three of them understand how important it is to show up. This is what they have been waiting for their entire lives. We've also told them that not to put any unnecessary pressure on themselves and enjoy the moment. A big part of succeeding in situation like this is to enjoy it and just play. All three of these guys will do that."

Several Big East, ACC, A-10 and PAC-10 programs have expressed interest in both Betancourt and Browne while Anglero is getting some serious looks by several mid major programs. All three of these kids transferred to schools in their senior year to play at a top ranked school and against the best players in the country. Their dreams come true January 21st in Morgantown, WV.

See the 2011 Primetime Shootout web address and schedule below:


2011 Primetime Shootout Game Schedule
January 21st
5:00 pm
Morgantown (WV) vs. Thomas Jefferson (NY)

6:30 pm
Chester (PA) vs. Huntington Prep (WV)

8:00 pm
Arlington Country Day (FLA) vs. St.Benedict's (NJ)

9:30 pm
Jamesville-DeWitt (NY) vs. Columbia (GA)

Saturday, January 22nd

12:00 pm
Quality Education (NC) vs.Our Savior New American(NY)

1:30 pm
Huntington Prep (WV) vs. St. Benedict's (NJ)

3:00 pm
South Atlanta (GA) vs. Christ The King (NY)

4:30 pm
Jamesville DeWitt (NY) vs. Wheeling Park (WV)

6:00 pm
Columbia (GA) vs. Thomas Jefferson (NY)

7:30 pm
Oak Hill Academy (VA) vs. Preston County (WV)

9:00 pm
Montrose Christian (MD) vs. Arlington Country Day (FL)

Carlos Morales Jr. Sets The Record Straight

IPRB wrote a story week about Former National Team Head Coach, Carlos Morales and his position on the hiring of Rick Pitino. His son Carlos Morales Jr. sent our Editor a note and wanted to ensure that the facts are on the record. We are happy to do that and ensure that our readers always get the facts. With so many blogs printing anything and everything IPRB will always ensure that our readers get the facts.

The Morales' family is one of the great Puerto Rican "basketball families" with a son following in their fathers' footsteps. The great ones like Toro, Melendez, Cintron and Morales have served this country well and will always receive the respect they have earned! We may not always agree with the great ones but our duty is to print the facts as they are presented to us. We owe them that and our readers require that of us as well. When you love the game like we do it is an honor and duty we happily carry out.

Carlos Morales Jr. stated the following,"I am just writing to you because I was reading the inside puerto rico basketball blog and saw the blog about my father against the Pitino selection. Sometimes information can get misinterpreted. You state that he disagrees with the selection, and that is NOT THE CASE. He is constantly asked about the situation and he always states the same. That the selection of Pitino had caught him by surprise since the talk in P.R. was of moving towards the "European Game" with a European caliber coach. He also states that Pitino is a great defensive coach and it will be interesting to see how it all works out.

Morales Jr. continued, "My father did say that Pitino will need a period of adjustment, in which he would have to rely heavily on his assistants and or scouts because the FIBA game is different to the American game (this is also an opinion that Coach K stated in 2006). But he has never said that it was the wrong decision he just felt that it was unexpected. If you read other interview from the summer done by Primera Hora and El Nuevo Dia he talked about the different European Coaches that would be good for the P.R. national team. That is why it doesn't add up to see him as an Anti-foreigner. Both me and my father were very disappointed to see this but hope it all can be fixed."

In his father's defense Morales Jr. shows real leadership and an ability to communicate a clear and concise message. Two traits that all great coaches possess. Sometimes you get a story wrong and misinterpret information. The record is clear and once again IPRB shows a willingness to ensure that we always print the facts.

I'M NEXT!!! Featuring Giancarlo Santiago

Some of the best players on the island haven't gotten the proper exposure and buzz so we created " I'M NEXT!" We wanted to help expose players who have a real chance of playing at the next level.
Allow us to introduce Giancarlo Santiago! The 6'6 Class of 2011 SF recently won Little Lads MVP playing for Bucaplaa which is one of the top clubs on the island. Santiago has bulked up and improved almost every part of his game. He's got solid range, plays above the rim and is a competitor. He's got great upside and if he decides to attend prep school for a year and get accustomed to the contact and speed of the game in the states he has a real chance to play at a high mid major D1 program. He's a great kid whose GPA is over a 3.0 GPA and is fluent in English!

PR Playamkers Founder Todd Washington had this to say about Giancarlo,"I worked him out last week and I couldn't believe how much better he's gotten since last summer when we started working with him. The guys over at Bucaplaa have done a great job developing his skill package and Giancarlo has clearly been in the weight room. We've had several top prep schools interested in him since last summer. Sky's the limit for Giancarlo if he decides to spend a year at Prep School."

Remember the name, Giancarlo Santiago! He's next!