Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shabazz "Ice Water" Napier Should Be On Shortlist For National Team

Yesterday was a basketball junkies' dream with several must see matchups including what was clearly te game of the day, UConn vs Texas. Freshman PG, Shabazz Napier, showed the nation why many think he could be a potential lottery pick and clearly a player the Federation should consider bringing into to try out for the National Team. Napiers' mother is Puerto Rican and IPRB confirmed through a source close the the family that Napier would be, "seriously interested in playing for Puerto Rico".

There are a lot of really good young PGs the National Team can choose to select including Torres, Clemente, Fontan, Cintron, Abreu and several kids still in High School but having watched Napier for the last two years in high school and now at Uconn I am convinced he should be at the top of the list.

JJ Barea Could Be A Charlotte Bobcat Before Trade Deadline

IPRB has confirmed through a reliable source that the Mavs and Bobcats are talking and that one of the possible scenarios would send JJ Barea to the Bobcats. With the recent injury to Mavericks SG, Caron Butler, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is supposedly looking into making a big trade before the NBA trade deadline in February. Why this makes sense is the fact that the Bobcats are looking to rid themselves of Stephen Jackson's, possible trade Gerald Wallace contract and start fresh with a core group of young players they can build around.

Another scenario involves the Mavs, Knicks and Bobcats sends both Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace to the Mavs with PG Jason Terry and Boris Diaw going to the Knicks. the Bobcats would get JJ Barea, Brian Cardinal, Ian Mahinmi, Deshawn Stephenson and Eddie Curry.