Friday, March 26, 2010

Georgetown To Offer A Scholarship To Melo???

Ever since Carmelo got that invitation to play in the Jordan Classic (shout out to my man Mark "Air Canada" Bayne) the D1 High Major interest in Melo has intensified. Clearly, there were only two real candidates for that invitation and Rasham Suarez was born in 1992 so he was unable to qualify to play. IPRB has gotten calls from over 50 schools in the last two weeks asking if the kid is all that or just another little point guard from PR.

IPRB has been telling our friends from the Hoyas not to allow his size to stop them from looking at him. IPRB has not been able to confirm this from any of GU Hoyas coaching staff directly but the word is that Georgetown Hoyas Coach, John Thompson III will be in San Juan on vacation and is itching to see/hear more about Melo. Our sources tell us that GU is pushing to develop relationships with some of the top PR coaches through their connection to PRP founder Todd Washington.

Washington has been working with Carmelo and his parents for the last couple of months and supposedly worked with NIKE to make sure a kid from PR finally got an opportunity to shine in a major event like the Jordan Classic.

We are going to jump out there on this one and wager that GU is one of the first schools to make a real hard push at Melo and maybe make an offer. The modified Princeton offense fits Melo's game perfectly and given the strong alumni base and GU support that exists in PR, Melo may be a GU Hoya sooner than you think