Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Betancourt To Montrose or St Benedicts

Word on the street is that Jordan Brand sponsored program Montrose Christian wants Carmelo. Montrose is coached by Stu Vetter and is widely considered to be one of the top high school programs in the country. Coach Vetter has been an elite high school coach for over 25 years and in recent years coached had both Kevin Durant and Venezuelan PG Greivis Vazques play for him at Montrose.

On top of that St. Benedicts in New Jersey has also expressed some interest in Carmelo. St Benedicts top returning player who is also a Top 50 Class of 2011 decided to transfer to Findlay Prep. This create an interesting option for Carmelo given they are only returning two players from last years team and have a number of spots on the team available.

While PR has great high school coaches (Adinez and St Francis to name a coupl) and good schools none of the programs in PR play an elite schedule so it is hard to players like Carmelo to be challenged.

'It's a tough situation as the coaches are trying to get kids to stay but truthfully that is not helping the kids. You got kids playing center who are 6'4 and the style of play is so incredibly slow. There is no question that PR has great coaches and they have been doing a great job at developing kids to a certain point but the system is not set up to develop elite players. I was down in PR this year looking at a couple of kids and to be honest the style of play and lack of size made it hard for me to see if the kids could really play. Very few of these kids really know or want to play defense and the transition game doesn't exist", said a D1 coach.

Carmelo and his family have a high class problem given that two of the best programs in the country are interested in him. IT shows how quickly things can change when a player gets exposed.