Thursday, May 27, 2010

Browne, Anglero and Moreno Looking At Prep School

St Francis Class of 2011 SG, Gary Browne Ramirez and Forward Roy Moreno along with Adianez Class of 2011 SG, Gaby Anglero are all looking at attending their final year of high school in the USA.
Browne, is scheduled to visit St Benedicts next week along with Adianez SG, Gaby Anglero next week and Roy Moreno has also reached out to PR Playmakers for assistance in going to Prep School next year.

A source close to all three players confirmed yesterday for IPRB that,"all three of these guys have a chance to play ball in college but going none of them are really ready either on or off the court. They play for the best schools in PR and the coaches at both of those schools are world class guys but the fact of the matter is that very little is being done off the court to prepare them to qualify."

All three of the student athletes have incredible upside and could all be on campus in the states next semester.