Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Butch Lee Point Guard Academy

IPRB confirmed that former NBA Champion and Rucker Park Legend, Butch Lee, has started the 2nd Annual Butch Lee PG Academy. Butch has a track record of being a fantastic teacher and someone I would want my son to learn from. Lee possessed all the skills you want a player his Academy should really help develop the elite talent in Puerto Rico. IPRB confirmed that Gary Browne Ramirez is going to be working with Lee along with some of the other talented PG prospects from PR Playmakers.

PR Playmakers founder Todd Washington told IPRB today that," We are trying had to get Butch to work with some of our top kids and have asked that he consider coaching one of our elite travel teams. Not only is Butch a fantastic coach and former NBA Champion, he is an even better person. We would be honored to get Butch involved in our program and look forward to making that a reality. PR Playmakers is in the business of working with the best and clearly Butch is at the top of the list when talking about talented and experienced coaches who can help young kids develop."