Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gary Browne Scores 15 Points and 8 Assists Against #7 Ranked Norcross

IPRB is a big fan of Gary Browne Ramirez! When he failed to play well last summer and a lot of people felt he was overrated we took the opposite position. We saw the potential and recognized that Gary has big time D1 written all over him. So naturally, we feel like gloating now that over 15 coaches saw him play twice in the last 48 hours and a Big East school coming to see him play next week.

Gary and his Arlington Country Day School team beat #7 ranked Norcross High School(GA) 70-54. Browne showed why several big time schools are interested in him with a 15 point, 8 assist game against one of the top schools in the country.
What is even more impressive is that Browne went 3 for 3 from behind the arc, grabbed 5 rebounds and had only one turnover.

An talent evaluator who saw Browne play at the FIBA 18U Tournament in San Antonio and at the World Basketball Festival last summer said, " Everyone was talking about Gary Browne from Puerto Rico but he really didn't play well last summer. He's played well internationally in the past but that doesn't necessarily translate into being successful playing elite prep school or college ball. Our guys saw him last night and were very impressed with what they saw. He is clearly a big time D1 prospect and interestingly enough he seems to be very comfortable playing the point guard position. He's been a shooting guard since he was a kid but clearly the point guard position is where he will be most effective at the level.

Arlington Country Day should crack the Top 25 National Boys Basketball Rankings next week and by then Gary Browne will be a name a lot of D1 coaches will be asking about.