Monday, December 6, 2010

Angel Garcia Live and Direct Part II

When you talk about the future of PR basketball a lot of names come to mind, Clemente, Rosario, Betancourt, Diaz, Davila,Browne, Napier, Fontan and Cintron to name a few but one name rings the bell and that is Angel "Pee Wee" Garcia. The 6'11 University of Memphis power forward is healthy, focused and ready for showtime! Memphis plays Kansas in game one of the Jimmy V Classic tomorrow at Madison Square Garden. Game 2 is Syracuse vs Michigan State.

Its been a long road back for Garcia who has had to deal with a major knee injury and rehab, working for the last two years to get healthy. IPRB spoke to Garcia tonight as he prepared for a late team meal. "I'm really excited man. My knee feels great and I am ready", said Garcia.

IPRB saw Garcia last spring at a Memphis practice as he worked to develop his upper body. The thing people are going to be surprised to see is how big he got! Garcia spent a lot of time working his upper body and strengthening his legs. He has all the tools to be the next big player out of PR. The lights are on and its Garcia time!

Tomorrow at 7pm EST, that's 8pm Puerto Rico time on ESPN! Must see TV!