Sunday, December 12, 2010

Angel Garcia To Play In Spain

IPRB has learned that Angel Garcia will drop out of the University of Memphis to play professionally in Spain. Sources close to the situation suggested that Garcia has been exploring this possibility for quite some time and leaning towards leaving since last year.

Garcia who is still coming back from a serious knee injury played in front of over 20 NBA Scouts last week in NYC at the Jimmy V Classic against Kansas. Said an NBA Scout who spoke to IPRB at the game last week, " Garcia has huge upside but he is still favoring his knee and seems to be a step slow. He is a classic example of a kid who should stay in school, get a degree and develop his game. He is not even close to being ready to play in the NBA."

Although IPRB thinks Garcia should have stayed in school, we support any player who needs to take care of his family. Sources close to Garcia have told many in the Puerto Rican basketball community that Garcia needs to take care of his family financially and this was something he felt strongly about.

We wish Angel nothing but the best of luck and will be routing for him as he begins his career as a professional.