Saturday, April 16, 2011

Betancourt Considers Prep School

Class of 2011 PG, Carmelo Betnacourt is considering enrolling in a post graduate program at an elite prep school. These programs have existed at elite New England prep schools for years allowing students to take an additional year to prepare for college after graduating. With most elite student athletes being reclassified in junior high school Betancourt is the youngest senior on his Montrose Christian team.

Betancourt decided to transfer to Montrose to play his senior season for a team that ended up being ranked as high as #2 in most nationally recognized polls. He played in the back court with Villaova commit, Tyrone Johnson. Betancourt showed flashes of greatness but failed at times to be as aggressive as he needed to be on the offensive end. Several mid major and small Division 1 colleges have expressed an interest but Betancourt knows he can play at a higher level.

A college assistant coach who tracked Betancourt this season had this to say about him," Betancourt was on many mid major recruiting boards at the start of the season and a couple of high major programs including a few Big East Schools. He failed to show night in and night out that he can compete at the highest level. The talent is there and everyone who has really watched him recognizes that. An extra year at an elite prep school will provide him with another chance to do that. Colleges want to see that he can consistently knock down an open jumper, put pressure on the ball full court for an entire game and blow by his man off the dribble. He did all of these things at different points during the season but in order for schools to take a chance on a player his size he must do it every night."

Betancourts' mentor and Founder of AAU program PR Playmakers said, "Melo's experience at Montrose allowed him to play at the highest level of high school basketball. For the first time in his career he had to fight for playing time and compete in practice against this level of talent. We suggested to him that he consider taking an additional year at an elite New England Prep School. I think Carmelo is the perfect candidate to play at an Ivy League School. Northfield Mt Hermon currently has 30 players playing D1 and will have 7 playing at Ivy League Schools next year. Carmelo, his mom and I spoke at length to Northfields' Coach, John Carroll yesterday. If we can get him admitted it would be the perfect place for him."

Northfield Mt Hermon is considered to be one of the elite prep schools which also has a nationally recognized basketball program. They return a team that has 5 players over 6'6 but don't have a PG to run the show. Betancourt could be the perfect fit.